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Body hair waxing is a great hair removal method for both male and female clients. Waxing hair removes hair at the root and causes it to grow back much slower and less thick over time and in some areas hair may never grow back at all. Body hair waxing exfoliates the upper layer of the skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky with results lasting up to 4 weeks. Panache offers a wide range of waxing services including, facial waxing and specific hair removal services for male clients. It’s great for every day, or for special occasions like holidays, anniversaries or whenever you want to leave the razor behind! Benefits of Waxing Treatments: •Removes hair by the root - extending the re-growth period and causing hair to grow back thinner over time. •Hair grows in softer because the hair is new re-growth all the time. •Waxing exfoliates the upper layer of skin, leaving the waxed area silky smooth and hairless. •Waxing leaves your skin hair-free for up to 4 weeks. We use a warm wax, specifically designed for use with delicate skin, and strips of fine cotton for all our waxing treatments. We now also use two different waxes, one for body waxing which is cream based and the other wax which has lavender for sensitive parts of the body such as face, underarm and bikini. We do NOT double dip any longer either for face, underarm and bikini waxing to avoid all contamination and reassure our clients that our wax service is the best in the city. Be sure to ask about our Brazilian waxing treatment ...a consultation is required.

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